Paper and Craftsmanship | Greeting Card with a Festive Breeze

Christmas greetings, selfmade and with many functions. Made by my daughter back in 2014. Credits: private

It’s christmas time. While I’m still busy getting rid of the odds and ends of the week, the month, the year around us, I glance at the greeting card I put on the table some days ago. Therein, a tiny paper ballerina is pirouetting, driven by a soft breeze in her direction…

She does so once a year since 2014 when my daughter made the card. It was the idea of a friend of mine, an illustrator. Just take a closer look at the figure, you might see her hair blowing in the wind…

Christmas ballerina. Credit: private

Merry Christmas and a new year filled with joy, ease, healthiness. Please stay tuned – more news and articles will come soon.

Credit: privat
Her back. Those hair! Credit: private

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