Artists on the go | Grace Helmer, a London-based Illustrator, on travelling through Japan

How do artists work during their travels? What comes into existence, and what do they share on Social Media? @scope shows notes and papers of travelling artists. This time, we follow an illustrator through Japan.

#2: Grace Helmer, a British artist, likes colourful motives and the new in everyday life. She was born in Brighton and studied Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts. Today she is a member of “Day Job Studio”, an artist collective in London. Back in 2013, Grace Helmer was “Student Illustrator of the Year” of  Victoria & Albert Museum.

Some of her clients are Apple, Google, HarvardX, The Washington Post, Vogue (US), Marie Claire (France), and Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

Right now, Asia is waiting. Grace and her colleagues travel to Hong Kong first. When the Chinese New Year begins on February 18. According to the Chinese astrology it is a year of the dog. As from February 9, the artists of “Day Job Studios” show new prints and sculptures in Hong Kong. Their topic? Dogs!

Flight to Japan. © Grace Helmer

Age:  28 years

Home country: England

Country of travel: I’ve recently visited Berlin, and am just about to go to Hong Kong and Japan!

Nice work place abroad: I loved to sketch and paint in Japan after a day of exploring, sitting under the Kotatsu. It was fun to travel all over to see and paint lots of different types of places. On trains I like to just stare out the window and take it all in, to draw from later.

Wonderful moment: During my travel in 2017, I loved zipping through the Japanese countryside on the train, listening to music and just taking in the scenery.


Instagram-Account:  @grrrrace1


Mit dem Notebook bzw. Skizzenbuch in Japan. © Grace Helmer.


Little Sketch book Japan. © Grace Helmer
Kyoto. © Grace Helmer
Katzen. © Grace Helmer
Erinnerungen, Nadamachi, Japan. © Grace Helmer
Saga, Dog Walk © Grace Helmer
Naoshima, Bird. © Grace Helmer
A creative break. Grace Helmer (right) with a friend in Japan. © Grace Helmer

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