Taschenbegleiter in der Frühlingsfarbe Grün von "Roterfaden", Saarbrücken © Roterfaden

Products | Inspiring Stationery for Spring time – and Journaling

Being back in the lights, as I put it – there is nothing I enjoy more! Spring time and the easter holidays are wonderful occasions to write letters and cards and for journaling. “The coming of spring is like the creation of Cosmos out of Chaos and the realization of the Golden Age”, philosopher Henry David Thoreau once wrote (1817 – 1862).

Colorful motives on paper by artists like Grace Helmer or Alice Melvin are ideal companions on our way into the season of light.

Some product ideas to greet spring and start writing.

Postkarte "Osterhase" © Gretas Schwester / Sarah Neuendorf
Sarah Neuendorf’s “Easter bunny” postcard © Gretas Schwester / Sarah Neuendorf

Sarah Neuendorf, owner and creative head of the Berlin-based label “Gretas Schwester”, offers fine handmade cards and prints, notebooks and products made of textile or enamel inspired by children’s books and nature.

Taschenbegleiter in der Frühlingsfarbe Grün von "Roterfaden", Saarbrücken © Roterfaden
“Roterfaden” from Saarbrucken, Germany, offers these printing blankets made of wool felt © Roterfaden

Rugged design, aesthetical appeal: Beate Mangrig from Saarbrucken, Germany, invented her so-called “Taschenbegleiter” when she wanted to find an elegant solution for many loose notes and slips of paper around her she wanted to put together. She wrote her diploma thesis on planners (sic!). Her invention was born: a combination of covers made of printing blankets or vegetable-tanned leather on thick wool felt that come with clips inside that hold 14 × 20 cm booklets, all standard DIN A5 booklets and folded DIN A4 papers. Elastic bands at the corners hold tablets and e-readers.

“Roterfaden” Taschenbegleiter are available in different colors. They may comprise several booklets such as planners, diaries, birthday calendars, sheet protectors, card holders, or notepads.

Die erdbeerrote Variante des Taschenbegleiters © Roterfaden
A red “Taschenbegleiter” © Roterfaden
Das Innere des Taschenbegleiters lässt sich individuell bestimmen und befüllen © Roterfaden
Its inner fillings are really individual  © Roterfaden
Einleger für den Taschenbegleiter © Roterfaden
Diaries or notepads make up the inner life of a “Taschenbegleiter” © Roterfaden

Beatrix Lazzaro, an artist from Berlin-Charlottenburg, brings us a range of vernal cards with lilies of the valley, chicken, or eggs. Why not passing them on the whole year round?

Karten und Papiere zum Frühling von Lazzaro Art © Beatrix Lazzaro
Cards and papers by Lazzaro Art © Beatrix Lazzaro
Grusskarte "Hasenjagd" von Salon Elfi © Salon Elfi, Verena Schätzlein
Grusskarte “Hasenjagd” von Salon Elfi © Salon Elfi, Verena Schätzlein

Verena Schätzlein from Berlin has been successful with her paper-made product line “Salon Elfi” for several years now. Most of her wonderful and sustainably-made items are loved by adults and kids likewise. Just look.

Samentüten zum Verschenken von Frühlingsboten © Salon Elfi, Verena Schätzlein
Spring message: Little packages for seed © Salon Elfi, Verena Schätzlein
Hasenschachtel © Salon Elfi, Verena Schätzlein
A ‘bunnyful’ box © Salon Elfi, Verena Schätzlein
Mitbringsel sind hier gut untergebracht: Frühlingstüten von Salon Elfi © Salon Elfi, Verena Schätzlein
Present bags with spring motives © Salon Elfi, Verena Schätzlein

Even writing should attract spring. I love pens that show their true colors. Lame offers a model that may even come with ink in the same color (below and at the end of this article).

Füller LAMY AL-Star in vibrant pink - © Lamy
Fountain pen LAMY AL-Star in vibrant pink – © Lamy

Cherries, ice cream, or confetti: The Berlin-based paper label “Edith Schmuckes Papier” has a range of products with a special design. The postcard below is entitled “Goldenei” (“golden egg”).

Postkarte "Goldenei" © Edith Schmuckes Papier
Postcard “Goldenei” © Edith schmuckes Papier

This fountain pen, finally, may provide a real sense of awakening.. on paper.

Füllfederhalter Lamy AL-Star, bluegreen - © Lamy
LAMY Fountain pen “AL-Star” in bluegreen – © Lamy


Manufacturers / Stockists:

Lazzaro Art, Berlin, seen at “Papperlott” online store

Gretas Schwester, Berlin

Lamy, also available in many stationery shops and online

Edith schmuckes Papier


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  1. Clare Shepherd

    I love Rotenfaden, I have 3 in A5 and an A4. They all get used, two everyday and thd others a little less, ut at least several times a week. I do research on history, archaeology and Egyptology as a retirement hobby. The Rotenfacens are superb aids to notetaking and research. They are lovely quality and indispensable to me now. I am even thinking of getting another.

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