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Artists on the go | Cherry blossoms in Seoul: How Elena Kubitzki, German, enjoys life in South Korea

Enjoying the cherry blossom season in Seoul: Elena Kubitzki © Elena Kubitzki

How do artists work during their travels? What comes into existence, and what do they share on Social Media? The Bartleby reveals notes and papers of travelling artists. Let’s follow a student to South Korea:

#3: Elena Kubitzki. The Cologne-born student indulges in her creativity on paper, on screen or in front of the camera of South Korean media. At the moment, Elena is completing her master’s course “International Peace and Security” at Korea University in Seoul. She moved to South Korea after having completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Korean Studies at Freie Universitaet Berlin in Germany. Right now, Elena has completed her second of four semesters in Seoul.

She loves the South Korean language, writing, and travelling within Asia, especially to Japan, and tries to enjoy as much of this as possible in her free time. “In the long run, I would like to work in the diplomatic service”, Elena says. “But in the immediate future, I plan to stay in South Korea. I think about starting a job at a German company here as an intercultural expert. Maybe it is even possible for me to join the South Korean government.” The latter is granting her a scholarship for her master’s course which might turn out to be a crucial factor for her future.

Age:  25 years

Home country: Germany

Country of travel: Right now, I am in South Korea. At the end of March, I travelled to Osaka and Kyoto, Japan.

Nice work place abroad: That differs. I recently had a photo shooting with Hyundai Motors. My job was to do a report on the relationship of the Germans with driving.

During my semester break I did an internship at tbs, a South Korean TV and radio channel. I used to write scripts for programs or helped with radio and TV broadcasts. Alongside my studies, I work at a German language school and maintain my social media channels Instagram and Youtube. Besides, I am always looking out for the best restaurants in Seoul!

Hier hat Elena gerade ein Praktikum gemacht: Die Räume des TV- und Radiosenders tbs in Seoul, Südkorea. © Elena Kubitzki
Elena’s work place during her internship at tbs in Seoul, South Korea. © Elena Kubitzki
Elena bei Aufnahmen für den Autohersteller Hyundai. © Elena Kubitzki
Elena during her Hyundai photoshoot. © Elena Kubitzki

Wonderful moment:  My best friend, Celeste from the Philippines, has been living here for five years. She is always there for me. Apart from this Celeste is the best travel partner I could wish for.

Mantra:  This too shall pass.

Instagram-Account: @ellikubi

Youtube: Ellimentary

Elena Kubitzki und die Mitarbeiter der Deutschschule in Seoul. "Alles super nette und engagierte Leute, die den Austauschn zwischen Koreanern und Deutschen voranbringen wollen." © Elena Kubitzki
Elena’s colleagues and friends of the German language school in Seoul. © Elena Kubutzki
Beste Freundin und Reispartnerin Celeste. © Elena Kubitzki
Elena and her best friend Celeste. © Elena Kubitzki
Elena Kubitzki und ihre beste Freundin Celeste auf Reisen in Südkorea. © Elena Kubitzki
Elena and Celeste often go on trips through South Korea together. © Elena Kubitzki
Elenas Koreanisch-Notizen. © Elena Kubitzki
Elena loves taking notes – a necessity! © Elena Kubitzki
Die Qual der Wahl - Elenas Notebooks. © Elena Kubitzki
Elena’s notebooks – she is somehow spoilt for choice! © Elena Kubitzki

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